The Probus Club of Havant

Speakers 2018

14th May

Speaker - David Skillen

Knitters, Nailers, & Traitors

(Belper in the Industrial Revolution)

4th June

Speaker - Peter Cornick

A Local Historical Building

(A new perspective on the church at Slindon)

2nd July

Speaker - Dr MacDougall

Portsmouth Dockyard

(Once the largest in the world)

6th August

Speaker - Jenny Mallin

The Days of the Raj in India

(wives / partners are invited to this meeting)

3rd September

Speaker - Malcolm Twite

Technical Aspects of Global Warming

1st October



Rupert Bear (A collectors story)

Geoff Mullins

5th November

Speaker - Paul Cornick

The Meteor Impact Crater on the Yucutan Peninsular and the Mass Extinction Event at the Cretacious / Tertiary Boundary

3rd December

Speaker - Steve Herra

Cunard History and Glamorous Stars

(wives / partners are invited to this meeting)